About Us

How Our Stuffed Animals are Made

At 2CutePlushies we go through a long process to create quality stuffed animals! Before we start creating new designs, our team of designers have a group meeting to figure out which kind of animals they want to create. Many of our workers throw out ideas of what they want to create and once we have a couple plush design ideas we then vote! Whichever idea gets the most votes is the plushie we will create.

When we create new plushies, we normally create five designs at a time, but before we begin to make them we go on Instagram to get your opinions. Once in a while our social media team @2CutePlushies makes a poll on our story to see what new designs you guys want to see next! We usually get a multitude of request so we pick the ideas that were requested the most. This process allows us to have more fun with our community and create the best plushies!


Once we figure out which kind of plushies we want to create, we then begin our designing process! This process is the hardest part, but it’s something our team at 2CutePlushies enjoys the most! We get our designing team to create multiple variations of a plush and then our team votes on whichever one they like the most. The designing process normally takes about 2 weeks to complete because we want to bring our customers the cutest and most unique plushies they’ve ever seen!


Our next step when creating a new stuffed toy is to figure out how we will sew the fabric together to make the plushie perfect. We go through many tests and try to create the best template to cut out the perfect design. When we have each plush template ready, we then make multiple test runs to ensure our designs are quality! During this process there are many mistakes, but that only allows us to perfect the plushie and make them even better! If there are any mistakes, our team gathers and tries to find a way to fix it.


After the long process of designing the template of our plushies, we finally get to begin creating the plushies in bulk! Our stuffed animals are sewn by our workers and check for quality before they are put in storage. If any stuffed animal is defected, we recycle the wasted material. Before putting our finished stuffed animals in storage they go through four separate people to ensure there are no mistakes. Our goal is to bring quality plushies to our customers that they will enjoy. Although this process is incredibly long, it’s a necessary process to ensure all of our plushies are flawless.


We work hard at 2CutePlushies to bring the best stuffed animals you will love. Our team works hard to ensure everything is perfect, but we always keep in mind to have some fun at our company. Our company is built as a family and our objective is to have a happy and comfortable work place. Our team has the freedom to pitch their own ideas for new plushies and our overall goal is to have fun.


2CutePlushies was first founded by a husband and wife team that wanted to make an adorable stuffed animal for their expected baby boy. They created their first stuffed animal and they began to get requests from their friends to make more. The family began to create more designs over the years and decided to open up 2CutePlushies so the world could see the plushies they made. Our mission is to spread joy throughout the world with our adorable stuffed toys at 2CutePlushies. We take pride in making and producing our adorable plushies that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones! Each stuffed animal is designed by our team and worked to perfection to bring the best quality plushies.


We originated as a family owned business but now we are a business tied by happiness! We specialize in creating the cutest and most unique plushies. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and have more than 10,000 happy customers around the globe. It all started with one plush from a couple of two and grew into what you see today!


We’d love to hear feedback from you! If you have any questions about your order or need any assistance, feel free to contact us using the contact us page above. We love bringing our community new plush designs and if you’d like to make a design request, we’d be happy to take your suggestions! If you’d like to get in further contact with us, follow us on Instagram @2CutePlushies and we’d love to hear from you! We are so happy to have you along this journey and we hope you have a wonderful shopping experience!